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CBC Launches New Global Team

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

A review of the way in which #legalservices are delivered has long been overdue. Hiring a #law firm, then a team within that firm, and then counsel is an expensive and often cumbersome exercise and litigation costs are usually prohibitive. Thrown into that mix is the frequent need to find other experts to perform specific additional roles. In a post pandemic world where un-budgeted cost can be life threatening, the choice is either to throw in the towel or to look hard for something that provides both expertise and value.

The concept behind Cross Border Consultancy (CBC) is to meet that dilemma. If you have a problem, or even a #crisis, why should you not have direct access to an expert for immediate assistance and guidance?

However complex or small the matter, whatever the cross border complications, the demand will increasingly lie in being able to get the right advice quickly and for value. Deciding on an effective strategy must be a priority

CBC brings together experience in #law, #investigations, and #communications. It can respond almost immediately and it has the facility to build, if required, a well integrated small team for any situation and in any jurisdiction. All of its consultants are elite and highly ranked in their own field. It provides litigation strategy and support across a full range of problems, #crisis #management and #reputation #management. It is unrivalled in its expertise, response, contacts, flexibility and rates.

CBC can also offer annual audits for compliance purposes of #risk #mitigation programmes for #crisis #management, money laundering, #corruption and #health and #safety. It also offers an immediate #fraud response service.

CBC is professional, progressive and private. It is committed to achieving solutions.

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