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Cross Border Consultancy's Corporate Launch & Advisory Panel

HONG KONG, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cross Border Consultancy (CBC) is pleased to announce the launch of its business for private and corporate clients facing urgent or complex problems. 

CBC's group headquarters are Hong Kong. An early stage investor is I-OnAsia, which will host CBC clients at its offices in Greater China, London, and New York. Derek Elmer, the founder of I-OnAsia, is serving as the inaugural chairman of the business. 

CBC's team comprises leading experts in the fields of legal strategy, corporate intelligence and investigations, and crisis and reputation management. All of its consultants are leaders in their own field. CBC's Board of Advisors includes Messrs. Jonathan Caplan Q.C. and Jonathan Midgley, who both have an exceptional understanding of the law, and Mr. Robert Winstanley, a London-based strategic communications expert. I-OnAsia has also designated Mr. Oliver Laurence to CBC's Board of Advisors, as head of intelligence, investigations & security.

Mr. Elmer said in a statement, "I am extremely excited to support CBC's growth. I-OnAsia has a 20-year track record of success handling complex business and personal disputes and resolving deals gone sour. At the highest levels of importance, we've seen success achieved in partnership with others. We see a once-in-a-generation shift in thinking about cross border strategies.

Our CBC initiative builds on this steady foundation of the past. The key individuals who have formed CBC have had fantastic experience working together on a project-by-project basis. Now the new venture will provide a steady foundation for more formal engagements by clients seeking to overcome tomorrow's cross border challenges."

Senior Board Adviser, Mr. Jonathan Caplan QC said: "We are creating the opportunity for clients to gain direct access to an experienced and well-integrated team of experts without going through major firms. A significant shift in the way in which legal and other services are delivered is long overdue. In this post pandemic climate clients need to achieve value. We are finally bringing to the market an alternative option to simply engaging large teams at huge expense. In fact, we are unrivalled in our expertise, response, rates, flexibility and contacts.

No case is too complex. We can respond immediately and we have the ability, if required, to build a small and effective team for any situation and in any jurisdiction. Cross border complications are simply not an issue. Having high level investigative and communications expertise is also a huge advantage."

CBC will deal with a full range of conflict issues as well as managing corporate or reputational crises. CBC will also offer a new annual service, auditing risk management programmes to enhance compliance particularly in the areas of money laundering, corruption, fraud, and health and safety.

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