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Media & Entertainment

The area of media and entertainment is ever changing and rapidly evolving. New networks and advances in how these mediums are delivered are providing greater opportunities for consumers to be entertained, and thus the market is becoming more and more competitive as audiences numbers grow and the competition for ratings intensifies.

Cross Borders Counsel supports a wide range of elite clients, from actors, actresses, producers, directors, networks, world renowned authors, writers and sports personalities in the media and entertainment industry. Our team ensures that all our clients stay one step ahead, being unprepared or unprotected can put reputation and business at risk.


In a market that relies heavily on maximising assets and resources, we support clients develop strategies, commercialise their offerings and protect against infringements against their intellectual property.


Cross Borders Counsel not only ensures safe guards against infringements, but also prepares to robustly react to an infringement or breach so that one can act immediately to minimise the impact and potential losses.

Our array of professional services extends to all corners of the media and entertainment arena globally, with clients taking their brands and offerings to far regions of the Asia-Pacific to Broadway in the United States of America and sports fields in the United Kingdom and Formula 1 tracks in Monaco, Italy.


Our legal and investigative strategies brought together in house by our team of experts ensures that clients that come to CBC are represented by the some of the best minds in the world to ensure we have every eventuality covered and are well resourced to support at any opportunity.

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