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Crisis Management 

Complacency is the biggest challenge facing organisations globally. The threats they face externally are unprecedented, and are evolving, rapidly. Nobody knows who or what the next target is going to be to an organisation, but what we do know, is that it is vital to plan well in advance for known risks to both people and infrastructure so that crisis management plans can be executed when they do and the impact to business is reduced significantly by a well-executed and tested plan.


Today, virtually all major corporations, non-profit agencies and public sector organisations use crisis management planning. CBC's global team has had exposure to a variety of crisis and can support you, your team or your organisation navigate its way through a crisis. Effective planning and sound execution is the key to the success in any crisis, being able to communicate effectively, whilst under pressure to numerous stakeholders is time critical and often where organisations fail through fear of knowing what to communicate, and when.

Developing, practicing and updating a crisis management plan is a critical piece in ensuring a business can respond to unforeseen disasters, "prevention is far better than cure", CBC actively assists organisations in the preparation and pre-planning of any crisis. To have a strategy and a plan to known risks is a far safer position for organisations than to be placed under immense pressure at the time of the crisis striking with no known plans to implement. CBC can help you formulate these plans, identify leaders to implement them and provide guidance on how to execute and when to initiate your crisis response team, when to stand them down and how to review the organisations performance so that modifications to the plan can be made. 


The nature of crisis management activities can vary however, based on the organisation type. For instance, a manufacturing company will likely need a crisis management plan for responding to a large-scale industrial accident, such as an explosion or chemical spill, whereas an insurance company would be far less likely to face such risks. Each one of our clients has different levels of risk and exposure, so before planning any crisis, these risks need to be known to plan properly.

CBC's global team has developed three core packages it can offer both its private and corporate clients in  the preparation and response to any global crisis that they may be faced with. Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages give clients the option to implement a number of options into their organisations planning and preparedness for any given situation. The CBC team recognise that each of our clients is at different stages of planning, some advanced that just need review, to others that are implementing such policies and procedures for the first time. Each just as important but requiring different levels of oversight and execution by our global team.

Pre-Crisis Response Audits



CBC's global team will come into your organisation and assess, review and test your current crisis management plan. On conclusion, CBC will provide guidance to key decision makers and suggest and assist implement new policy and procedure to an effective level to overcome a particular vulnerability.

CBC can provide this assistance annually or a needs basis at the discretion of the client and management team.



CBC will review current crisis management plans and assess their effectiveness in response. After providing a review of this assessment CBC will carry out a further review into the known risks and how they are managed and responded to. New risks identified by CBC will have new plans developed and senior decision makers guided through the response strategy. These plans will be reviewed annually at the discretion of the client.



CBC's global team will assist your organisation to develop a never before implemented crisis management strategy. Assessing known and unknown risks to the organisation CBC will construct, implement and train key decisions makers to respond to any crisis which requires response to now known potential issues to the organisation. The CBC team will continue to support annually with training, development and further implementation.

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